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In his tour of Ministries, Chief Minister- Jacob Jusu Saffa, has on Thursday 8th July 2021, paid visit to the Ministry of Political and Public Affairs (MPPA), 9th Floor Youyi Building, where to his utmost surprise, he was moved by the transformative strides undertaken by Minister Mohamed Foday Yumkella and Deputy Minister Amara Kallon- as they seek to reposition the Ministry in line with the New Direction’s governance architecture.

It could be recall that MPPA before this time was like an eyesore to the public, but due to the zest demonstrated by Minister Yumkella and his gem of a Deputy Minister, serious attention is now being paid to the Ministry.

Minister Yumkella in his welcome statements informed that since 2018, MPPA has been yearning for the visit of the Chief Minister, but thankfully, the visit has finally come to pass.

Stating the purpose for the visit, Chief Minister Saffa said, the visit is to know the mandate, key deliverables and challenges of the Ministry and to see how best the Chief Minister’s office could facilitates implementation of the Ministry’s annual plans.

On facilitation, the Chief Minister outlined 4 thematic areas based on strengthening service delivery in MDAs. The thematic areas he mentioned were: Governance, Human Capital Development, Infrastructure and the Economy.

CM Saffa underscored the relevance of MPPA which enhances sustainability of good governance, democracy, peace and social cohesion, which is effectively done through citizens’ engagement and social mobilization.

Taking the CM through on the transformative strides of the Ministry, Deputy Minister Kallon comprehensively explained the Ministry’s profile, vision, mission, strategic objectives and strategic pillars, amongst others.

To show the Ministry’s readiness in the pitch of governance and democracy, Deputy Minister Kallon explicitly mentioned the Ministry’s flagship project of the Citizens’ Portal and by extension; he disclosed that MPPA can now boast of a Political and Public Affairs Department, Research Policy and Planning Department, and Governance and Complaint Department.

“We now have a clear career path and growth poles,” he added.

Statements were also made by the Executive Secretary of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) and the Acting Chair of the National Commission for Democracy (NCD).

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The Ministry of Political and Public Affairs is a Government institution whose mandate is to liaise between the public and the government.
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